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Researchers part of the Skull Base Tumor Laboratory have integrated features from a study examining glioma subtypes to create nomograms for clinical outcomes.
The prediction tools below are based on a cohort of glioblastoma and IDH1/2-mutant astrocytoma patients with both clinical and molecular data. After inputting the relevant features, these tools will output the likelihood of patient survival at several time points. This is relevant for patients who have a primary glioma and not those with recurrent tumors. The primary source of data used to generate these calculators is from patients evaluated at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Full descriptions of data processing and integration can be found in the publication accompanying these tools (see below for additional information).
These calculators do not represent a medical opinion from qualified physicians and should not be interpreted our used as a substitute for medical care. Clinical decision making for these conditions must be individualized: all results from these tools should be discussed with a qualified physician and considered in context for each patient.
Supporting Publications
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